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Russel Lazaro 23, Philippines, Architect, photography enthusiast, and a frustrated
chef. This blog is a hodge podge of everything that I live for thus the title "Raison d' etre".

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Cesa stool by yours truly. ;) My clients sent me an extra stool because apparently we made too many of them and I’m feeling very generous so I think I’ll throw one of those blog givaways that big-shot bloggers do. Hahahaha. Or maybe not. First one to show up at my house with a box of donuts gets the stool! Go!!!! :) #design #own #furniture #recycled

That’s what’s up. My new custom desk and the clients gave me one of the stools that I designed for them. This makes me very happy 😂😂😂😂. #furniture #recycling #design #own

Edited my bedroom design over breakfast and came up with this simplified version. The first one felt a little contrived because there’s too much going on so I took it down a couple of notches. This feels right. My 3.6m x 2.7m bedroom feels huge and airy. #design #interiors #own

First prototype of the stool I designed. :) #recycling #furniture #prototype #vscocam #vsco_ph

Designing some furnitures for a client using scraps from the construction. These stools for example: the seat will be made from the old stair steps, and the frame from scrap 1” tubulars and squarebars. :) #design #furniture #recycling

One of the projects I handled under my mentor Arch Johanna Macasieb is featured on the latest volume of Condo Living Mag! Grab a copy now! @condolivingmag #design #interiors #MArcMInt #work

Genuine, locally sourced leather. Made in Quiapo, Manila. Been in service since 2011. #vscocam #vsco_ph

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Portfolio UPDATED! Search for a regular job starts. Now. If you wanna hire me, holler at yo kid. ;) #work #portfolio #architect

The biggest ordeal of working at home is pushing yourself to work considering that your bed is at very close proximity.

What’s inside my Murse (man-purse) #vscocam #vsco_ph

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Applied a gray base paint to my reclaimed palochina planks. Gonna sand them down when they dry then apply a brush of diluted white paint over. :) It’s looking great so far. Excited to see them up on my wall! #DIY #design #interiordesign #whitewash

#DIY : age your furnitures by white whashing. :) #homedecor #interiordesign #tips #whitewash

There’s a creep on the foot of my bed. #vscocam #vsco_ph #decor #vignette

Room makeover 3.0 I now have a workspace inside my room. :) #eclectic #kitsch #design #decor

Capisnon-Mendoza Nuptials

(Nikon d3000 x VSCOcam)

You know you’re old when you start getting invites for your friends’ weddings. Hahaha!  Seriously though, I feel old. Okay.

The bride, Carol is one of the closest friends in high school and she is the last person I thought that would get married first! Back in high school Carol was the tomboy of the group; she’s butch, she loves basketball, and she has mad guitar skills, I mean at some point I thought she was a lesbian but somehow in college things turned around for her and before we know it, she’s handing out invites for her wedding. 

I brought my camera with me because I have always wanted to shoot a wedding. Although I was competing with the other 2 professional photographers that they hired, I still captured some nice shots. The bride and the groom actually told me that they like my shots better than those of the pro’s (LOL, bitches), so I think I did pretty good. ;)

Photos are all mine, post processed the photos on my ipad using VSCOcam for faster sharing.